Custom-Built Machinery / Test Equipment

As the largest R&D company in Denmark, CREADIS cooperates with a variety of production companies. Companies where they understand the importance of maintaining and expanding competitiveness with a constant focus on product and production optimization, which are our areas of expertise in the department for custom-built machinery and equipment.

Our success within custom-built equipment was established in 1999 and is based on the philosophy that easy access to relevant and necessary skills in-house is crucial - and we have this at CREADIS.

CREADIS is involved all the way from analysis, consulting, design, production and installation to commissioning and training, and service of equipment; both on custom-built equipment and turnkey deliveries.

We believe that independent consulting provides the best and most innovative solutions. Therefore, we do not operate with preferred products or brands, but base choices on the task at hand and include the customer’s own experiences and product preferences.

Primarily, we work with machinery and test equipment with a degree of complexity that must be challenged and engineered. To ensure we work with the right concept and that our products are delivered at the agreed time and price, our philosophy is to challenge the risk of the project before the equipment is developed. This means that before an equipment order is placed, different concepts are tested in a pre-project. This provides the customer with test results and a clear requirement specification, and it results in matching expectations and a customer who is at ease with placing the final order. This is how CREADIS ensures satisfied customers.

Our equipment is assembled and tested at our own state-of-the-art production facilities in Stilling near Aarhus. We have chosen not to have a heavy-duty production set-up but to have components manufactured by local sub-suppliers. All of our local partners are monitored closely, so that we ensure that products comply with our own high standards as documented in our ISO 9001 certification. This set-up guarantees competitive deliveries as well as reliable project management.

Explore cases on custom-built machinery and test equipment below.

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Cases about Custom-Built Machinery / Test Equipment

The Army Painter

DIS delivery of machine results in a Disney order

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Grouleff DK

Anti-magnetic chair and bed designed for new brain scanner

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Future-proof roll handling plant

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X-ray technology solution for Exruptive

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NOV - Control system

A new control unit ensured the quality of NOV offshore pipes.

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NOV - Production equipment

Production equipment – 10 years later.

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Velux- Product equipment

Implementation of production equipment at VELUX.

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Siemens Wind Power - Lifting gear

Siemens Wind Power contacted DIS with a request for dimensioning of lifting equipment

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REC Group - FAT tests

REC group established a new production facility in Singapore, and DIS was involved to manage the final tests

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Product development in large dimensions.

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Amcor - Vision System

When Amcor needed to assure quality in the pressure control valve for the packaging of a coffee container, DIS’ VISION competencies were put to the test.

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N. Graversen - Flexmover

Developing a mechanical trolley.

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SaCs - Green Wave

DIS was involved in the development of a green wave system

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