Throughout the years, CREADIS has worked with some of the largest production companies in Denmark and Germany and has accumulated great expertise and knowledge within cost optimization. Using the CREADIS Cost Down process customers have often achieved cost reductions of 20-50 percent on existing products or machines.

The CREADIS Cost Down process can be applied to purchasing, development, products and production.

CREADIS performs Cost Down on newly developed products as well as well-established products, where perhaps the income margin over time has been reduced. Typically, DIS will maintain characteristics of a product but present a reduced manufacturing cost. This is done by an introduction of changes in the design or production, or changes in the supply chain.

To find the right solution for a customer CREADIS prepares a critical review of design and function through in-depth analysis. The supply chain and the production process are reviewed and suggestions for improvements are presented.

CREADIS has developed a toolbox consisting of processes, tools, facilities, and well-educated and experienced employees to obtain goals and ensure predictability.

Explore cases on cost-down below.

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Cases about Cost-Down

J.N. Bech

Production investments result in cost savings and a better work environment

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Silkeborg Kommune

Improvement in project and process management

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ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Successful carve-out project done for a major German company

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Arla Foods, Gjesing

Production optimization creates tangible results

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MJK - MP Connect

In close collaboration with MJK, DIS developed the design and construction concept for a series of modules for rail mounting.

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MJK Chatter

In the development of the MJK Chatter®, DIS was called in

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