The metal industry

CREADIS has experience in the metal industry with, among others:

• Equipment for energy production
• Agricultural production equipment
• Industrial production and industrial products generally
• Production optimisation

Explore cases on the metal industry below.

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Cases about The metal industry

AGCO - combine harvester

Technical lead on module for the world's most technological combine harvester

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Future-proof roll handling plant

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Pindstrup Mosebrug

Development and construction of new wood fiber factory 

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VELUX - simulation

Simulation reduces development time

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DIS develops and does calculations on bus shelter

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Department of Defense

Uniquely designed service stand for the department of defense property administation

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Haldor Topsøe A/S

Special designed impregnation machine for factory in Brazil

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Unique lifting equipment for fitting VELUX roof windows make installers work more efficiently

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Nilfisk Egholm

Nilfisk Egholm chose to collaborate with DIS to have new eyes on the design of the rear mudguard for the cab

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Grundfos - Pumps

We developed a new series of Grundfos pumps.

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NOV - Control system

A new control unit ensured the quality of NOV offshore pipes.

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NOV - Production equipment

Production equipment – 10 years later.

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Velux- Product equipment

Implementation of production equipment at VELUX.

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DIS has assisted VIKING in the innovation and development of life saving equipment.

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Upgrading of an offshore ventilation system.

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LM Wind Power - GPS

When LM Wind Power wanted to implement a GPS, DIS was entrusted with the project of reviewing and updating the company’s engineering drawings worldwide.

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PBI - Dansensor

When PBI-Dansensor had to develop a new gas mixer, DIS was involved to perform the mechanical engineering and industrial design.

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Siemens Wind Power - Lifting gear

Siemens Wind Power contacted DIS with a request for dimensioning of lifting equipment

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DIS has been a permanent collaborator with AGCO/Laverda for many years

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Grundfos - LIFELINK

DIS developed the pilot project and the first prototype of the innovative solution

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Alfa Laval - MEP

In close collaboration with Alfa Laval’s R&D team, DIS developed the design for the MEP.

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Product development in large dimensions.

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Alfa Laval - ORCA

Alfa Laval’s ORCA series needed a technical update and DIS was called in

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Center for Parkering

Idea and construction concept for a new ticket-and-coin refund tray.

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Amcor - Vision System

When Amcor needed to assure quality in the pressure control valve for the packaging of a coffee container, DIS’ VISION competencies were put to the test.

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Alfa Laval - AQUA

DIS was called in to help Alfa Laval develop the promotional material for the worldwide launching of the product

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Samson Agro

In co-operation with client Samson, DIS has developed a new slurry tanker for Samson from concept to production

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N. Graversen - Flexmover

Developing a mechanical trolley.

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Pressalit - Folding Seat

Pressalit wanted to expand their product portfolio and contacted DIS for assistance.

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HMF - Production Development

HMF contacted DIS when they needed help improving their SW process.

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Kongskilde A/S

Optimize production efficiency and development of a number of new agricultural machinery

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Siemens Wind Power - Lifting equipment

Custom-designed lifting equipment for Siemens Wind Power

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