The Cement and Lime Industry, Aggregates

Owing to our large team of experts: from process engineers, through all trade specialists, to investment project management, CREADIS uses its experience gathered over years while developing specialized process solutions in many areas of the cement production line (from quarries to finished product storage and shipment).

Our qualifications cover all processes connected with bulk materials, dosing and feeding of production additives, fuel and energy management, fluid and gas technology. Our projects, process optimized and often innovative, combine the trends of alternative fuels feeding, energy and heat recovery, and improvements in the technologies of single machine stations or entire production lines.

We not only cooperate with the world leading cement manufacturers, but we also develop the machinery and industrial equipment of their suppliers.

We have completed turn-key and package projects in the following areas:

  • Storage, mixing, reclaiming, transportation and feeding of alternative fuels
  • Vertical conveying of bulk materials (elevators)
  • Pneumatic conveying, pipeline designs
  • Strength analyses and steel structures
  • Construction projects
  • Pneumatic post systems
  • Dust removal systems
  • Control-measuring and automation systems, control cabinets, process control systems and operator stations