Process and environment

CREADIS is experienced in providing solutions for chemical production in which technical feasibility, safety and proper environmental conditions are imperative requirements. CREADIS has experience with, among others,:

• Pigments
• Rehabilitation equipment
• Monitoring equipment
• Care products

Explore cases on process and environment below.

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Hans Chr. Olesen

Electrical Design and Automation

Cases about Process and environment

Haldor Topsøe A/S

Special designed impregnation machine for factory in Brazil

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MJK - MP Connect

In close collaboration with MJK, DIS developed the design and construction concept for a series of modules for rail mounting.

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Alfa Laval - MEP

In close collaboration with Alfa Laval’s R&D team, DIS developed the design for the MEP.

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Product development in large dimensions.

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Alfa Laval - ORCA

Alfa Laval’s ORCA series needed a technical update and DIS was called in

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Alfa Laval - AQUA

DIS was called in to help Alfa Laval develop the promotional material for the worldwide launching of the product

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MJK Chatter

In the development of the MJK Chatter®, DIS was called in

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