Food production

CREADIS develops advanced machinery and systems for food production, and has extensive experience with:

• Production machines/systems
• Traceability
• Hygiene/CIP

Industry-specific competencies:

• Machine safety
• Vision (especially with organic materials)
• Robotics
• Processing systems
• HACCAP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
• EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group)
• 3-A sanitary standards

Explore cases on food production below. 

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Hans Chr. Olesen

Electrical Design and Automation


Lars Tilling

DIS Copenhagen

Cases about Food production

Arla Foods, Gjesing

Production optimization creates tangible results

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PBI - Dansensor

When PBI-Dansensor had to develop a new gas mixer, DIS was involved to perform the mechanical engineering and industrial design.

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Alfa Laval - MEP

In close collaboration with Alfa Laval’s R&D team, DIS developed the design for the MEP.

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Alfa Laval - ORCA

Alfa Laval’s ORCA series needed a technical update and DIS was called in

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Amcor - Vision System

When Amcor needed to assure quality in the pressure control valve for the packaging of a coffee container, DIS’ VISION competencies were put to the test.

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Alfa Laval - AQUA

DIS was called in to help Alfa Laval develop the promotional material for the worldwide launching of the product

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