Electronic instruments

We at CREADIS have specialised in the development of electro-mechanical devices and equipment. These devices can be applied for professional use or consumer products.

CREADIS has all the necessary competencies in-house: Mechanics, SW, HW and industrial design.

In some of our past projects we have worked on, among others:

• Speakers
• Headsets
• Analysis instruments
• Instruments for data collection
• Instruments for various analytical and management tasks

Explore cases on electronic instruments below.

For more info, please contact:


Lars Tilling

DIS Copenhagen

Cases about Electronic instruments


CFD simulations of new generation frequency converters

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YXLON International

New X-ray system for molecular scanning of goods

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Interface box with wireless communication and streaming

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Major Projects LLC

DIS delivers 200 ft. radio tower to US customer

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Development of flip smartphone

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X-ray technology solution for Exruptive

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DIS optimizes mechanical parts and materials for pioneering laser device

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HWAM implements modern technology in wood burning stoves

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Opalum - Sound systems

By working under the same roof, DIS and Opalum renewed their collaboration and created a new sound system solution

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XO Care - HD Display

A newly developed screen solution provides a better overview for dentists and gives the patient the opportunity to follow the process.

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Denmark's first solar powered ferry

DIS has contributed to the development of Denmark's first solar-powered ferry.

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Triax - TDX Pool

DIS was heavily involved in the development of the TDX

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Opalum - Projekthotel

Opalum has checked into one of DIS’ project hotels

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MJK - MP Connect

In close collaboration with MJK, DIS developed the design and construction concept for a series of modules for rail mounting.

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RadiJet - Range Extender

In the development of RadiJet’s Range Extender, DIS was responsible for implementing a BLDC motor controller and a Booster

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PBI - Dansensor

When PBI-Dansensor had to develop a new gas mixer, DIS was involved to perform the mechanical engineering and industrial design.

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CMS Dental - LED light

DIS has contributed to the development of a new version of the CMS Dental LED light with precision engineering and industrial design.

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Grundfos - LIFELINK

DIS developed the pilot project and the first prototype of the innovative solution

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Reson - Seabat

DIS was brought in to develop a concept and design for a modular cabinet


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Center for Parkering

Idea and construction concept for a new ticket-and-coin refund tray.

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Nilfisk - Designing a vacuum cleaner

DIS has helped Nilfisk designing a vacuum cleaner for the Australian and European market

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MJK Chatter

In the development of the MJK Chatter®, DIS was called in

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SaCs - Green Wave

DIS was involved in the development of a green wave system

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ASG - Micro Actuator Solutions

Micro Actuator Solutions for cameras in smartphones 

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