CREADIS produces and delivers finished special purpose machines, products or prototypes. The delivery project is carried out at CREADIS' own offices, and CREADIS gets the right employees and suppliers involved. We therefore complete the project in a way which draws very little on the resources of the customer's organisation. 

We ensure the processes in our project solution run smoothly by following a proven project model. This guarantees the customer a structured and seamless project process, and guarantees that we ultimately deliver the agreed upon product at the agreed upon time. 

For major projects, we always prepare a preliminary analysis that includes an identification of needs and expectations, calculations and a risk assessment. This ensures the right price and a realistic estimate of hours prior to CREADIS and the customer committing to a comprehensive project. Our experience has shown that such a preliminary analysis always pays off in the end.

Explore cases on turn-key projects below. 

Cases about Turn-key

The Army Painter

DIS delivery of machine results in a Disney order

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XO Care - HD Display

A newly developed screen solution provides a better overview for dentists and gives the patient the opportunity to follow the process.

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NOV - Control system

A new control unit ensured the quality of NOV offshore pipes.

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NOV - Production equipment

Production equipment – 10 years later.

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