Project hotel

At CREADIS you can check into a project hotel where all of CREADIS’ competences and facilities are at the doorstep along with a high level of discretion and confidentiality.

The CREADIS project hotels offer unique innovation facilities where you as a customer are given the opportunity to gather relevant employee resources and decision makers and fully focus on a development project.

It is also an option to establish a project team with CREADIS employees where CREADIS will make some of the very best engineers available for a project. CREADIS engineers are experienced across industries and continents and they challenge our customers when it comes to development or optimization of new or existing products. A method of collaboration which repeatedly has proven to create momentum and a reduction of cost and shortened ‘time-to-market’.

All project hotels have the necessary IT equipment available as well as individual access control and IT installations to ensure a high level of confidentiality and data security. Furthermore, there is access to state-of-the-art installation and test facilities as well as a hardware laboratory.

Benefits of a project hotel are:
• All relevant employee resources and decision makers together at the same time in the same place
• Thee ability to create an environment where a development project gets full attention
• The ability to have an extremely fast progress
• A reduction in development time which results in a shorter ‘time-to-market’
• Costs are reduced significantly when the development process is fast
• Customer employees are given the opportunity to work in an environment where the only focus is on project implementation

Check in to a CREADIS project hotel where you can give your project full attention in an innovative and creative environment and at the same time experience a reduction in development time and costs.

Explore cases on project hotels below. 

Cases about Project hotel

Opalum - Sound systems

By working under the same roof, DIS and Opalum renewed their collaboration and created a new sound system solution

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Opalum - Projekthotel

Opalum has checked into one of DIS’ project hotels

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Samson Agro

In co-operation with client Samson, DIS has developed a new slurry tanker for Samson from concept to production

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