Global Team

Does your business grow so fast that it is hard to recruit quickly enough? Our flexible solution Global Team can help you. A Global Team can take on all or part of a task for the customer, who will gain access to specialized knowledge, transparency and above all a quick process between challenge and solution.

Global Team is all about using the competences we have across borders. We have worked with Global Teams since 2016 and today we have over 20 working teams.

We receive positive feedback from the customers, as a Global Team provides both scalability and specialist knowledge. In short, DIS places an engineer at the company, who coordinates tasks with the rest of the team of up to five engineers, who in theory can be placed anywhere DIS have an office.

Often the need for specialist skills, makes many companies look abroad for recruitment of the right employees. Global Teams can have many nationalities – what is most important is the combination of the right competences. One example could be a wind power team working in Denmark for a customer in the United States. Different countries have tradition for different engineering specialists – which is another strength of this way of working.

What our customers say about Global Team:

"We have worked with Global Teams for a couple of years now. The advantage for us to have one consultant placed in our office and up to 5 consultants behind him is that we have one point of contact. This way, our own people do not have to coordinate with five consultants, but only with the one sitting in our office. In principle, we get five persons’ work by speaking with only one. It gives us a simpler flow of information, as the coordination of sub-tasks is handled by DIS. Obviously, it does require that we define our work packages well." 
- Manager Christian Krogh, Vestas

"The advantage of working with a Global Team is the flexibility it provides. We have one person from DIS in our office, who manages the tasks sent out to his team of DIS consultants. We can launch a project and ramp up in no time – and if necessary ramp down again. When we hire people, we need to be sure to have a consistent amount of work for them for a while."
- Mechanical engineering staff manager Jonas Marsbøl, Gomspace

Please contact us if you want to hear more about the possibilities with Global Team:

Chief Engineer 
Magnus Baltzer Erlang