Contractual Terms

An agreement is an agreement.

Before commencing a project, an agreement that covers scope and invoicing is entered into. The form of this agreement is matched with the specific task and phase of the project. One or more of the following four forms of agreement, or often a combination of the forms, are generally used:

Invoicing based on time spent
Used for virtually all consultancy tasks and projects for which the scope and final content has not been determined.

Invoicing based on time spent, with a ceiling
Most frequently used when, e.g., CREADIS is has an allocated amount of time within which to develop new solutions or implement cost reductions on machines and production, etc.

Fixed price
Used for projects which can be described so precisely that both the customer and CREADIS agree on the content and scope.

Incentive invoicing
Typically used where CREADIS is paid at a normal or at a slightly reduced rate.