Project and Program Management

Everyone knows that professional management of technical projects / programs provide reassurance and a high success rate. CREADIS project managers are not only professionals, they also continue to develop skills through close management in a unique organization that has a strong focus on each customer to ensure best value for investment. Our project managers have experience from many different industries ranging from automotive, renewable energy to medico. They work every day with development of new technologies, products, manufacturing equipment and processes.

We always focus on the following key factors:

Project Managers
• Project managers are continuously trained, developed and tested via our CREADIS Project Management Program 2.0
• Project management is a career path at CREADIS
• Project managers with international experience
• Industry knowledge from many different industries
• In the reporting to you as a customer, you will each month receive 2-3 suggestions for improvements to the way you run a project.

CREADIS project managers are organized in a unique pioneering model with a strong focus on closeness, on project management standards and continuing development.

CREADIS project managers have extensive experience with a wide range of project governance models that exist in many companies as well as with our own project model DISWay.
• DISway is a project management tool that ensures good planning, monitoring and reporting, and not least risk minimization
• DIScover® is a tool to achieve radical innovative solutions

Cost Drive is a tool used for cost reduction of existing products.

Explore cases on project and program management below. 

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Global Functional Manager


Lars Jøker Nissen

DIS Copenhagen | Odense

Cases about Project and Program Management

DIS ProjectBooster

Simulation training gives strong project management skills

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J.N. Bech

Production investments result in cost savings and a better work environment

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b-plus automotive GmbH

b-plus pave the way for Connected Car

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Grouleff DK

Anti-magnetic chair and bed designed for new brain scanner

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Silkeborg Kommune

Improvement in project and process management

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Pindstrup Mosebrug

Development and construction of new wood fiber factory 

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Major Projects LLC

DIS delivers 200 ft. radio tower to US customer

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Robot solution for KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS

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Vattenfall - Wind farm

DIS provides knowledge and contributes with information for tender materials for Vattenfall

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Siemens in an unconventional collaboration with DIS on the development of new testing equipment

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Opalum - Sound systems

By working under the same roof, DIS and Opalum renewed their collaboration and created a new sound system solution

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XO Care - HD Display

A newly developed screen solution provides a better overview for dentists and gives the patient the opportunity to follow the process.

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Nilfisk Egholm

Nilfisk Egholm chose to collaborate with DIS to have new eyes on the design of the rear mudguard for the cab

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NOV - Control system

A new control unit ensured the quality of NOV offshore pipes.

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NOV - Production equipment

Production equipment – 10 years later.

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Velux- Product equipment

Implementation of production equipment at VELUX.

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RadiJet - Range Extender

In the development of RadiJet’s Range Extender, DIS was responsible for implementing a BLDC motor controller and a Booster

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LM Wind Power - GPS

When LM Wind Power wanted to implement a GPS, DIS was entrusted with the project of reviewing and updating the company’s engineering drawings worldwide.

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PBI - Dansensor

When PBI-Dansensor had to develop a new gas mixer, DIS was involved to perform the mechanical engineering and industrial design.

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CMS Dental - LED light

DIS has contributed to the development of a new version of the CMS Dental LED light with precision engineering and industrial design.

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REC Group - FAT tests

REC group established a new production facility in Singapore, and DIS was involved to manage the final tests

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Grundfos - LIFELINK

DIS developed the pilot project and the first prototype of the innovative solution

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Product development in large dimensions.

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Reson - Seabat

DIS was brought in to develop a concept and design for a modular cabinet


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Center for Parkering

Idea and construction concept for a new ticket-and-coin refund tray.

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Amcor - Vision System

When Amcor needed to assure quality in the pressure control valve for the packaging of a coffee container, DIS’ VISION competencies were put to the test.

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Samson Agro

In co-operation with client Samson, DIS has developed a new slurry tanker for Samson from concept to production

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