Industrial design

CREADIS industrial designers are an integrated part of the innovative processes at CREADIS when we develop industrially manufactured products and production equipment.

At CREADIS, industrial design contributes to making production less expensive, increases usability, creates better intuitive understanding and increases sales potential.

Industrial design at CREADIS is a development process focusing on functionality, productivity, costs and Design ID.

Industrial design at CREADIS:

• Design ID
• Function concept
• CREADIS Cost Down (product/process optimisation)
• DIScover development processes
• HMI 
• User testing
• Design and function models

Explore cases on industrial design below. 

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Cases about Industrial design

FLSmidth (1)

Parametric modeling facilitates the development of a new vertical mill

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CFD simulations of new generation frequency converters

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RatTrap – the mechanical rat trap

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Development of flip smartphone

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X-ray technology solution for Exruptive

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Vattenfall - Wind farm

DIS provides knowledge and contributes with information for tender materials for Vattenfall

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DIS develops and does calculations on bus shelter

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Department of Defense

Uniquely designed service stand for the department of defense property administation

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Unique lifting equipment for fitting VELUX roof windows make installers work more efficiently

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XO Care - HD Display

A newly developed screen solution provides a better overview for dentists and gives the patient the opportunity to follow the process.

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MJK - MP Connect

In close collaboration with MJK, DIS developed the design and construction concept for a series of modules for rail mounting.

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PBI - Dansensor

When PBI-Dansensor had to develop a new gas mixer, DIS was involved to perform the mechanical engineering and industrial design.

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CMS Dental - LED light

DIS has contributed to the development of a new version of the CMS Dental LED light with precision engineering and industrial design.

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Alfa Laval - MEP

In close collaboration with Alfa Laval’s R&D team, DIS developed the design for the MEP.

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Reson - Seabat

DIS was brought in to develop a concept and design for a modular cabinet


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Alfa Laval - ORCA

Alfa Laval’s ORCA series needed a technical update and DIS was called in

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Alfa Laval - AQUA

DIS was called in to help Alfa Laval develop the promotional material for the worldwide launching of the product

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Nilfisk - Designing a vacuum cleaner

DIS has helped Nilfisk designing a vacuum cleaner for the Australian and European market

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MJK Chatter

In the development of the MJK Chatter®, DIS was called in

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