HW and SW

PCB Design

As a customer, you can trust your PCB layout to the experienced PCB designers at CREADIS. They have a professional approach to PCB design and can utilize a huge in-house knowledge base within PCB and PCB materials. This includes component creation, PCB layout, PCB manufacturing and board population. This ensures a high quality and an optimized product with regards to EMC and design for manufacturing.

DIS offer a high variety of services within PCB technology, like:

High speed signals with timing constraints
Power and EMC constraints
Multi-PCB design in a product
Antenna and RF designs
3D mechanical integration
Advanced PCB material stack-up
Designs with blind and hidden vias
IPC certified foot prints and layouts
Multilayer, flex and flex-rigid PCB designs
 Integration of component information through CIP portal
Full integration with testing and production
Cadence and Altium design tools

We have solid experience with various design methods and ensure top quality every time:

EMC correct PCB design
Design for manufacturing
3D model of PCB with components
Layout for 1-12 layers PCB
High speed simulation
Documented review process