HW and SW

The CREADIS hardware and software team boasts some of Denmark's most capable engineers. With many years' experience in product and software development, our engineers have the necessary depth of knowledge to complete challenging projects.

We provide a wide range of services, such as sparring, troubleshooting, cost optimisation, concept and architectural work, and general hardware/software development and testing. CREADIS engineers can also help introduce/commission new technologies and processes for the customer development department.

In addition, we offer assistance with print layout, product maturation and production startup in collaboration with leading production companies.

We have professional experience in a large number of industries–from medicine and telecommunications to renewable energy, power plants and motor control systems.

Explore cases on hardware and software below. 

For more info, please contact:


Finn Yding Sørensen

Hardware & Software


Claus Jacobsen

Sales - Jutland


Thomas A. Jacobsen

Sales - Funen / Zealand

Cases about HW and SW

Benefit Technologies

Software engineers from DIS have started their own company

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Actuator Solutions

Actuators for the automotive industry and mobile units

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Plastic Omnium

Improvement of simulations

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Robot cells get new vision systems

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Vattenfall - offshore wind farms

Electrical design on foundations for new offshore wind farms

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IR HiRel

Design and mechanical analysis of power supply cabinets and EMC testing of power supplies

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YXLON International

New X-ray system for molecular scanning of goods

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Dentsply Sirona

New vision system automates production of dental implants

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b-plus automotive GmbH

b-plus pave the way for Connected Car

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Digitization ensures optimal use of data

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Interface box with wireless communication and streaming

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Development of flip smartphone

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Robot solution for KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS

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HWAM implements modern technology in wood burning stoves

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Opalum - Sound systems

By working under the same roof, DIS and Opalum renewed their collaboration and created a new sound system solution

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Grundfos - Pumps

We developed a new series of Grundfos pumps.

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NOV - Control system

A new control unit ensured the quality of NOV offshore pipes.

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Denmark's first solar powered ferry

DIS has contributed to the development of Denmark's first solar-powered ferry.

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Triax - TDX Pool

DIS was heavily involved in the development of the TDX

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DIS has assisted VIKING in the innovation and development of life saving equipment.

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Opalum - Projekthotel

Opalum has checked into one of DIS’ project hotels

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RadiJet - Range Extender

In the development of RadiJet’s Range Extender, DIS was responsible for implementing a BLDC motor controller and a Booster

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CMS Dental - LED light

DIS has contributed to the development of a new version of the CMS Dental LED light with precision engineering and industrial design.

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Grundfos - LIFELINK

DIS developed the pilot project and the first prototype of the innovative solution

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SaCs - Green Wave

DIS was involved in the development of a green wave system

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ASG - Micro Actuator Solutions

Micro Actuator Solutions for cameras in smartphones 

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